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The Tsar of Zebalandia

Tsar Kiki Kikiriki

Tsar Kiki "Cha-Cha" Riki Kikiriki was born May-October of 2019 is the Tsar of the United Federation of Zebalandia since September of 2021. His duty is to protect the rights of each and every citizen and he is also the face of the state, responsible for upholding the United Federation in its unity and legitimacy. He is also the Supreme Judge, meaning justice will be served how the Tsar said it will. The position of Tsar is dynastical, meaning the position is given to the son or daughter of the current Tsar. More on the position of the Tsar on the government information section. Tsar Kiki was the younger brother of Kica Kikiriki, the later king of Zebalandia. Kica ruled autocratically, which conflicted with the interests of his brother Kiki. Kiki wanted a liberal monarchy, but when martial law was installed in Zebalandia in April 2021, Kiki formed a democratic revolutionary organization called The Blue Party. The Blue Party seeked to overthrow and liberalize Zebalandia, something Kica and the military weren't keen on. In May of 2021, a civil war between the Kica and the Blue faction rose and eventually, in June of 2021, a new People's Front of Communists joined the civil war as well. The civil war ended in July of 2021 resulted an end to martial law, an end to the autocratic regime and a Blue victory. A new democratic regime was imposed, but Kica didn't abdicate because a third of the country supported him. Kiki was given the position of Senator (today's equal of prime minister) and issued liberal reforms. Kica passed away in mid-August 2021 and the succession problem occured. Princess Treshnytsa was supposed to be Queen of Zebalandia, but was underage, according to the State Codex, so a regent was set in that position. That regent will be Kiki, who would become king in September of 2021 due to popular support and Kiki will crown himself the Tsar of Zebalandia in November of 2021. Tsar Kiki rules until this day with liberty and justice for all. His rule was partially cut off when he voluntarily abdicated in June of 2022 to give regental power to Petar Gnjidic, who continued his liberal reforms. He would return to the throne in December of 2022 when the Saint Nicholas Constitution was issued. He is a father of a daughter which will succeded his title of Tsar as Tsaritsa.