Zebalandia - Citizenship Page

Becoming a Citizen of Zebalandia


Getting Zebalandian Citizenship is easy as it can get. It requires a short process that may give you citizenship depending on your qualities.


With Zebalandian Citizenship you can work - on the soil of Zebalandia or for Zebalandia. You can also participate in directing the United Federation via democratic action. You will also be specially informed about actions in Zebalandia. You can help Zebalandia's cause and give voluntary tax to the Federal Government, we use that money to grow Zebalandia and make its people's lives better. You can also join or create a political party, a worker union, a civil union, you name it, you can! You're also free to do anything on Zebalandian soil as long as it doesn't endanger the land or rights of any individual and the State.

The Process

The process requires you to fill an application that requires necessary information. The application information is strictly private and will not be shared to anybody who isn't a high operative of ODB. The ODB will inspect the information of the application. The ODB can approve or disapprove you application depending of its contents. If the application is approved, an email will be sent to the address you gave and will inform you of its approval. Congradulations, you're a citizen of the United Federation of Zebalandia!