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The Finances of Zebalandia


The Finances of Zebalandia is responsible for all profits and payments, and also provides trade execution, clearing, and other related services for your pay account. It is responsible for collecting voluntary tax and making sure bussinesses running on the soil of Zebalandia aren't breaking financial laws. The Finances issue an annual tax that is payed up to three times a year: In February, in July and in December; but it can issue out tax collection up to five times if the United Federation is in a state of war or emergency. Regular taxes are issued to bussinesses and the amount of money to be payed by the bussiness.

Voluntary Tax

Voluntary tax is one of the ways the state earns money to help its citizens and future projects. It's only issued to citizens who volunteer to pay it. The volunteer must anounce at least a month before the tax collection day that he will pay. The voluntary tax is payed only on designated dates. The exact amount of money to be paid that's issued by the Finance must be payed by the volunteer.

Bussiness Tax

Bussiness tax is one of the ways the state earns money to improve bussiness opportunities, the worker conditions and qualities of them both. It's only issued to companies and their payment is mandatory. For a company to operate, it must be registered as a legit bussiness and will be taxed on the same day as the voluntary tax collection day is.