Zebalandia - Tourism Page

Visiting and Touring Zebalandia


There are currently no planned tours and visits in the central district (Periana), however visits to the Mud Mountain are unregulated and can be visited whenever. You will be notified here when the visits and tours are scheduled. You have to be a citizen or an honorary citizen to visit with a government-issued permit.


There are loads of attractions in Zebalandia. Periana has the remnants of the former Snailtown Empire (Puzhograd), which existed a long time ago (2012-2015/16). There was a Snail Temple which existed but it's been deconstructed a long time ago, but there are still some houses left. Trees in Zebalandia are being cultivated to give Zebalandia fresh oxygen and fruit. Pear, cherry, peach and plum trees are being cultivated in Periana, along with a small vineyard. Sparkotopia has remnants of the old Olovo Empire and its Brick temple, along with a industrial brick hut. Outside of the central districts, there is the Colony of Mud Mountain, which is the tallest natural peak in Zebalandia, standing at around 12 inches tall, but is constantly shrinking due to rain and external factors. Mud Mountain is the most visited attraction in all of Zebalandia, with hundreds of people passing by it every day, without knowing it's Zebalandian soil.