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Zdravo! This is the United Federation of Zebalandia (Zebh-all-an-dee-ah), a beautiful and diverse country surounded by the Republic of Serbia. With the population of 11 and the land of around 0.07 acres, Zebalandia is nonetheless a bustling and vibrant nation, filled with unique spirit and cultural unity. Zebalandia and its exclaves are located in Kikinda, North Serbia. Built on the foundations of freedom, equality, democracy, liberty and justice for all, it stands as a shinning example of a state with those values. Zebalandia exhibits a diverse social fabric marked by both progress and challenges in areas of economic growth, cultural integration, and social equity. Zebalandia values honest, hardworking, attentive and loyal people and it looks for said people to work in Zebalandia and for its development.

"1. The United Federation of Zebalandia is a state of Zebalandians and all citizens who live in it, based on the rule of law and social justice, led by representative democracy, human freedoms and rights based on the foundations of European values and principles." -The June Constitution

Recent News

  • End of 2023 celebrated with controlled firecrackers in Periana.
  • The territory of the Kingdom of Nigaslavia occupied by a group of vandals who destroyed its national symbol: The white chair.
  • People's Assembly session to vote on the military intervention in Nigaslavia will be held on the 4th of January.
  • Former Minister of the Interior, Jovan Gnjidic, assumes title of Minister of Informing.
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